6 Spots to Refuel on Robson This Holiday Season - BC Living

09 November 2017

5. Cafe il Nido – 780 Thurlow Street

Housed in the historic Robson-Thurlow mainstay known as The Manhattan, il Nido has maintained both charm and grace in its nearly 30 years serving a dedicated, loyal fan base, with both highly praised plates and a little education.

“Italian cuisine, as we know it, doesn’t exist in Italy,” explains owner Franc Felice. “It’s all regional in Italy. You go to the north, you go to the south. You have specialties all over.” And the incorporation of that treasured variety has helped the eatery stay well populated and highly rated. “Our clientele isn’t looking for just garlic and tomato sauce. We create an ambience with what’s available,” explains Felice. “We try to blend everything like an art.”

And this season that artful promise may just provide a rather continental air to a local respite from harried shopping. “Get away from the cars and the noise on the street,” Felice urges. “In Europe, folks want to come in off the street. It’s an escape.”

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